Our Website's Shipping Policy

Our focus remains on catering directly to our customers worldwide. In particular, those who require practical and affordable treatment for insomnia, pain, and anxiety have our attention. We aim to deliver high-quality treatments and products to our customers quickly. Simply put, our shipping policy is easy to understand. Once you place your order, we will confirm it. Then, we send you a notification regarding your order via email. After you have been successfully notified, the placed order will be shipped, and you will receive your package within the span of 7 working days.

While we do try our best to ensure that most of our deliveries do not take longer than 7 working days, we would like to state that the exact delivery time strictly depends on the area of delivery. It is in your best interest to wait 7 days to receive your package before contacting our customer support services. However, please keep in mind that it may even take more than 7 working days for the package to reach our customers. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that deliveries are always on time. Still, it is important to note that our team will not be held liable for any possible delays in delivery time. This includes delays that may occur due to unforeseeable circumstances that are categorised to be beyond our control. For instance, circumstances like postal delays may occur. This includes strikes, delays due to public holidays, and more.

Our Main Shipping Methods

Our shipping methods may vary depending on various situations. We can decide to change our shipping policy whenever we want to. Our primary shipping method primarily consists of the first class signed for delivery. This shipping method is only available for delivery to our clients who reside in the US. And, for our other clients, we choose to operate with a trustworthy signed for airmail delivery service. As we have mentioned before, once we receive your order, we notify the customer for confirmation and then ship the order within the span of 24 to 48 hours after approval.

In general, a package dispatched from our premises is expected to reach our clients within 7 days. However, our emphasis remains on the fact that delays may occur with larger orders or due to unforeseeable circumstances considered to be beyond our control.

Once your order is successfully placed, you will receive a confirmation email, which will clearly state that your order is currently being processed for delivery. However, under any circumstances, if you realise that you did not receive any type of confirmation from us, it is strongly advised to reach out to customer care as soon as you can.

Our Website's Delivery Policy During Public Holidays

It is a given that there are strong chances of delivery time to vary depending on the time of the year. Keep in mind that if you have placed an order during vacation periods, you may be bound to experience a delay in deliveries as it can take longer than usual to get the packages shipped out and delivered. Regardless, we take as much responsibility as we can for such delays. During such times, our team strives to inform our clients about possible delays and sends updates on deliveries to customers.

Our Website's Order Cancellation Policy

Under any circumstances, if you desire to cancel your order, you have the right to do so. However, we have allotted a window of cancellation. You can cancel the order within 24 hours of placing the order. This means that if the order is cancelled within this given window, only then will we process the cancellation. Simply put, cancellations are only possible if the order has not yet been dispatched. For more accurate information regarding cancelling your order, you should reach out to our customer care services, as they will guide you more efficiently.

Important Note: Cancellation aside, if your placed order has not reached you on time or has been lost in transit, it is strongly suggested to contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible. You can contact Customer Care through the website's Contact Us section. In addition to this, if you have any urgent inquiries regarding the products, our 24/7 chat option is available on the website, as well.