What happens if you take 50mg Diazepam?

Diazepam is a calming medicine from the benzodiazepines class of drugs. It is to be used only with a prescription. The usual dosage of Diazepam ranges from 2 mg to 10 mg. It is usually divided into 2 or 4 doses, while the higher one is to be taken before going to sleep. 

Diazepam is to be administered for short-term use only because it may cause muscle weakness, dizziness, difficulty focusing, short-term memory loss, and many other side effects. 

Consequence of taking 50mg Diazepam

Since the routine dosage of Diazepam is a maximum of 10 mg, taking 50mg can be highly dangerous, even fatal. 

The most common symptom of Diazepam overdose is coma or deep sleep with stable breathing. In addition, double vision, blurred vision, depression, drowsiness and respiratory depression may occur in patients with a high tolerance to Diazepam. 

Uncontrolled eye movement, anxiety, panic and lack of brain and body coordination may also occur in case of Diazepam over-dosage. 

In most such cases, complications can make it worse for the patient. Your lungs can be damaged, or you can have pneumonia. A 50mg dose of Diazepam can cause brain damage because the oxygen supply to the brain gets hindered. Consequently, permanent disabilities, including blindness, movement, hearing or any other, can occur.

In case of emergency

Reach out to your emergency healthcare providers in case you have taken 50 mg of Diazepam.  There are high chances of recovery from Diazepam over-dose, but the risk of permanent damage to the brain and body is also much more likely. 

The situation has a higher risk of permanent brain damage in case of intravenous infusion of Diazepam because it lands in the blood directly instead of coming through the digestion system.