How Strong are 2 mg Diazepam Tablets

Diazepam is a medicine to calm panic and anxiety. It cures a wide range of symptoms, including fits or seizures, muscle spasms, accelerated heartbeat and irrational worry. 

The physician usually administers Diazepam in three doses, and the highest dose is taken right before bed. The minimum dosage is 2 mg which the doctor may increase to 10mg according to the symptoms.

There are no strong or weak variations of Diazepam, as your doctor can decide better what dose is effective for you. 

Who can use Diazepam 2mg tablet:

A 2mg dose of Diazepam is for people with mild anxiety or who have never used any relaxants. People with issues tolerating benzodiazepine medicines can also start with 2mg to be on the safer side. Patients with kidney, liver, obesity or other health condition may also use 2 mg Diazepam. 

Follow your doctor's instructions, and don't alter the dosage of Diazepam yourself to avoid side effects.

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