Diazepam treats what anxiety disorders?

Anxiety is a common medical issue nowadays. Therefore, most doctors prescribe Diazepam to treat various types of anxiety as a short-term treatment. It calms down anxiety and treats muscle spasms, depression and seizures caused by more severe conditions. 

Anxiety is a medical condition triggered mainly by fear or worry. It may get worse over time if left untreated. There are many types of anxieties triggered by various motives. Doctors suggest Diazepam for almost all the anxieties mentioned below. 

Let's discuss in detail the types of anxiety and their symptoms, which can be treated with Diazepam.

Generalised anxiety disorder

You may experience unnecessary worry or fear before any important event in life. This type of anxiety is called Generalised Anxiety  Disorder or GAD. This type of anxiety can be caused due to any small concern; once solved, any other motive triggers it. 

GAD is a serious issue because it can ruin your events and happen anywhere, anytime.  


An extreme and irrational fear of being in a situation with no option of escape is called Agoraphobia. It is a sort of precaution in which people tend to avoid events they fear of. It could be public speaking, gatherings or any small thing. In more serious situations, the patient may confine himself within their home. 

Selective mutism

The patients find themselves unable to speak in specific situations, including but not limited to class, and gatherings, while interacting with strangers in this type of anxiety. Children predominantly suffer from this type of anxiety. Selective mutism often occurs with other anxiety symptoms like lack of eye contact, fidgeting and lack of confidence. 

Panic disorder

The patient suffers from sudden, persistent and intense panic attacks. He may experience extreme terror with accelerated respiration and heartbeat. 

Social anxiety disorder

One of the more noticeable forms of anxiety, social anxiety disorder, was called social phobia in the past. The patient feels severe fear of public speaking and going to gatherings. In more serious cases, a social anxiety disorder may occur on specific socialising occasions. The symptoms of this anxiety order include a disturbed stomach, dread, shaking, and accelerated heartbeat. 


People develop a fear of certain things like water, height, being inside closed spaces etc. While encountering such situations, people may go through different anxiety symptoms like crying, sweating, respiratory depression, shaking and increased heartbeat. 


Diazepam treats all these anxiety disorders but is suitable for only short-term treatment. Self-medication can result in dizziness, disturbed sleep, lack of focus, blurred vision and more severe side effects.